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NOTICE: The pages that follow have relatively large pictures, and lots of them. This is necessary to communicate on the topic. If you have a slow connection, expect to wait. Also, all images on this site are COPYRIGHTED! I found two of my plan diagrams on someone else's page. NONONO! I have put countless hours into the development of this material.. please don't steal it from me. Feel free to provide a link to THIS page.

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As far as I know, Working With Leather is the only site of its kind... a free, comprehensive guide with BDSM leatherworking. I say that with some pride, and have since starting WWL in 1997. In many ways, this site is another child to me. Please partake of the information here. Join the many people who make their own leather gear, and take pride in doing so. Then pass what you know along to the next generation.

If you're planning to do this for the first time, please read the Dear Newbie page, accessible from the link bearing that name above. Want the discuss toymaking and get access to a monstrous archive of exceptional toymaking knowledge? Sign up for my discussion group on the topic:

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Why Do It Yourself?

Why do people make their own bondage gear, when a whole lot of great stuff is now widely available? For one thing, you can save a ton of money. Commercial bondage gear is notoriously expensive. Also, you can make _exactly_ what you want, which may include things that aren't available from other sources. Finally, it's fun and satisfying to make something with your own hands.

Current Status

This site was initially published on November 2, 1997, with a number of Projects, Tools and Techniques information, and basic Supplies. In that same month, much to my surprise, it received BDSM Best of the Net from the Mining Co. Since that time, I have added the Links, Dear Newbie, and Tips/Tricks pages, many new projects, and a number of minor improvements. Most of these additions have been driven by reader requests, so drop me a line if there is something specific you would like to see a plan for. Also, if you have a nifty design, or a thought about one, let me know!

The WWL: CDROM Edition is finally done, out, available! The ultimate BDSM leatherworking resource... find out more here.

I'm also extremely pleased to announce to opening of my new web store, a sister of this site. Working With Leather Hardware is the BDSM leathercrafter's supply. It is a site built for the small BDSM crafter, with very low minimums and a wide selection of almost everything you need for BDSM leatherwork. Reasonable prices and great service. Please do check it out!

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