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NOTICE: The pages that follow have relatively large pictures, and lots of them. This is necessary to communicate on the topic. If you have a slow connection, expect to wait. Also, all images on this site are COPYRIGHTED! Feel free to provide a link to THIS page.

Sartan of Treve here. You may be familiar with my Working With Leather site, to my knowledge the definitive BDSM leatherworking site on the web. I've seen many direct and indirect requests for a similar site focused on furniture and other wood/metal toys that are beyond the scope of WWL, and finally decided to build the BDSM Workshop.

In the Workshop, I hope to provide some hints, thoughts, and plans for kinky folks that want to build their own furniture (and other stuff). The skills required to work with wood and metal are considerably more complex than those for leather, and I certainly can't teach general woodshop here. Unfortunately, I won't be telling you how to route a dado, cut a combination angle on your miter saw, or rip a 4x8 sheet of plywood safely. BDSM Workshop assumes that you have at least a basic woodshop and the knowledge to use it. I intend to keep plans, materials, and techniques required as simple as possible.

I haven't built all of the projects I'll be presenting. I know the designs are sound, because I've designed a lot of things. None the less, consider my materials your starting point, which is what most are intended to be. Unlike WWL projects, most of the Workshop designs aren't fully fleshed out. Work remains to create a final design and materials list. When I've built one version of an item, I'll try to provide pictures of it in the Workshop.

Please visit my Site Index to acces my other sites: WWL, homepage, and media gallery.

Why Do It Yourself?

I believe that the best BDSM furniture is rather personal to its owner. Not everyone wants a generic design.. your personal pieces should be customized based on needs, play style, and tastes. Therefore, I put forth the plans here as a starting point, not necessarily a final design. The plans here are sound. They'll work. However, there is noodle work to be done before you hop in. Change the type and dimensions of wood, angle of a leg, height. Match what you build to how you'll use it. In the end, you'll have something that's not only functional but personal to you.

To this end, I strongly suggest your read the Design Practices page. This collection of thoughts will be especially valuable if you haven't designed your own furniture/woodworking projects before.

There are fine BDSM furniture crafters out there, and I support their efforts. Many produce artistic product far beyond my own capabilities and patience. Consider buying from the crafters in our community if their products meet you needs, and try building what they build before condemning their prices.

Current Status

This site was initially published on January 24, 2000, with three Projects, Tools, Design Tips, and basic Materials. Obviously, it has grown since then! Drop me a line if there is something specific you would like to see a plan for. Also, if you have a nifty design, or a thought about one, let me know.


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